Internet Piracy the scourge that never goes away

by leakenova on Tuesday April 07th, 2009 10:06 PM

Ah Internet Piracy, the scourge that never goes away. Hollywood and music industry have been struggling with it for years. Yet no matter what they do it seems to never go away or even really decrease. When is the movie and music industry going learn the story of the sun and the wind? What is the story of the sun and wind, well it goes like this: One time the wind bet the sun he could get a guy walking down the road he could get him to take off his coat. So the wind blew and blew on the guy and all it did was to get to him button up tighter and tighter. Then the sun took his turn and he raised himself high in the air and with in seconds the coat was gone. The moral of the story is for the movie industry is stop attacking the pirates; they just get better at hiding from you. Instead create a system so we can access any movie at any time with out nasty DRM for an affordable price and no $15 a movie is not affordable. Guess what Hollywood, that system is already in place its called Netflix. To kill the vast majority of the movie pirate all Hollywood has do is make all the movies viewable not just the small list they currently have. Then again this Hollywood, they will continue to attack p2p like the wind. Hollywood when you wake up and become the sun make sure there is no DRM, Shameless hates DRM.

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