My take on the pay-per-bit scheme

by COJones on Tuesday April 07th, 2009 07:13 PM

Wow... I think LeakeNova has a point there. There are several problems I see with the sudden shift in pricing:

1. Was there any advance warning to those who were signing contracts with TWC? I would hate to see people who signed up for unlimited bandwidth, paid for the in-home equipment, then got shafted by the new pricing structure. I also would see any attempt by TWC to fine people for breaking these contracts as a criminal offense. Bait and switch.

2. Does TWC intend to do anything for those who fall far short of their bandwidth cap? I doubt it. Rollover bits would be nice, but I doubt you will see those either. I'd love to be able to save up bandwidth for the November gaming season when all of the new Christmas games show up on Steam.

3. As usual, the punishment for going over your limit is SEVERE. Why does everything over the limit cost many times as much as everything under the limit? I could never get that. Does the over-the-limit bandwidth suddenly cost more for the company to transfer? NO. They are the same bits. It's really either a punishment, or a way to force you into a more expensive plan. It's almost like the provider considers themselves judge, jury and executioner. They will, however, tend to be lenient if you throw money at them.

Lucky for me, I'm not troubled by these problems... yet. I feel for you LeakeNova. I'd be annoyed too.

Lets hope, for all of our sake, that TWC does a face-to-floor dance because of this. i would hate this example to spread to my neighborhood.

BTW... I the rats and roaches agreed to start paying rent, as long as I guaranteed them unlimited network access. The basement is no longer available. Sorry.

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