SCO's funeral dirge tuning up

by COJones on Wednesday May 06th, 2009 10:07 PM

According to /., SCO's life support is about to run out. I know that anything said against them now would sound a little like piling on, but I'd rather be accused of that than be accused of speaking ill of the dead. It looks like I only have a short time to speak up. If they go chapter 7 as the post suggests, that's the business equivalent of an estate sale, and it means that the company is already dead.

I'm really glad that SCO got squashed. I genuinely feel sorry for the little people that got hurt in the process, but the company had to be an example of what happens when you try to rape open source. Can you imagine what would have happened if they got away with it? There's no telling how it would have affected the whole IT business. Suddenly, everyone running an instance of Linux would owe money to SCO. What would have followed was a lawyers goldrush as every company who had ever been in the same room as a piece of Linux source code tried to make a similar claim. Just think... Hundreds of server farms, thousands of home routers, millions of critical embedded systems, all shut down due to greed.

The worst part about the whole thing was that the SCO who brought on the lawsuit had no real tie to the one that was around for the disputed project with IBM. They were several deep in mergers, acquisitions, and licenses. And even after you followed that seemingly endless chain of ownership, you wouldn't find a company with a clear title, just one who "suspected" that someone may have used code that they both worked on at one time. They never even were able to point out which code... just a vague "some function that did this".

The annoying part here is that the sleazy lawyers and even sleazier entrepreneurs at the top of the company found a way to get rich anyway... mostly via funding traceable to Microsoft. Those are the guys I would like to see go "Chapter 7".

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