Strike One for French Three Strikes Bill

by COJones on Thursday April 09th, 2009 07:55 PM

Well, it looks like the French said "no" to "three strikes". Unfortunately, It looks like they will "pitch" it again later.

The interesting thing is that the vote was "poorly attended". Could it be that politicians were smart enough to stay away from an unpopular vote pushed by the entertainment industry? Vote in favor, lose the next election. Vote against, lose lots of campaign contributions AND the bully pulpit of the entertainment industry. It's a no-win situation for them.

Again, we see the bloated and over-hyped numbers attributed to losses due to piracy. These are always based on the number of downloads observed, with a big multiplier for those that they think they missed. Most of the downloaders wouldn't have purchased the pirated content anyway.

Your average person doesn't mind paying a reasonable fee for entertainment. The amount people are willing to pay for a movie theater seat is proof of that. It's just that, in an age of easy distribution, nobody wants to pay huge profits to a company whose only contribution is an outdated distribution network.

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