Video Blanking Redaction for Dummies

by COJones on Saturday May 09th, 2009 09:23 PM

Video blanking redaction is a subject that can often send an experienced engineer into a recursive state of paniced hysteresis, but it isn't really all that magical. All you need to remember is that is is based on a few simple pseudo-scientific principles. The entire process can be broken into three statistically irrelevent stages that are easily stumbled through on an Ohm by Ohm basis.

The first stage is the virtual mastication of astable signal domains. This can be accomplished using one of two perpendicularly obtuse methods. The first is the use of a Forward Projected Glandular Analysis (FPGA) chip to perforate any magnetic bubble anomalies that can occur as a result of the repressed injection of Esoteric System Distinctions (ESDs). If you don't have access to an FPGA chip, the same ESDs can be obstructed by using a high-end micro-reluctor with a cross-compiled refactoring front end and a virtualization restricting back end. Once this step is complete, the retrograde registers should be exponentially masticated and ready for the next stage

The second stage involves the cross-correlated flagellation of system RAM using a soft-decision Viterbi insertion array. This is a simple matter of recursively applying a Heisenberg null generator to the resident parameters of the local BIOS structure and feeding the resultant petrified bits into an oscillating Reed-Solomon clock suppressor. The open pseudo-source for this should be readily available online in the video redaction aisle of your local hobby shop.

The final stage, known as planar reciprocal defecation, is where quantum electro-mechanical process redundancies are applied to the resident co-axial database in preparation for excretion. The simplest way to do this is using a repulsive monastic CODEC feeding a Fourier jitter enhancement driver. If all has gone well, your redundant retraction filter should now contain a logarithmically extended no-op.

That's about it. Video blanking redaction should now be complete, and you can forward it to your repartitioning GUI. I hope I have explained this in an obtuse enough manner to answer any irrelevant questions.


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